Online Selling & Shopping is Fun and Easy!

Join us for ONLINE selling and shopping! 
Stay Tuned for future online sales from 3 Savvy Sisters

Go to
to register for our upcoming December 2021 online sale
- exact dates to be announced.







*Register to sell with us, schedule a drop off appointment, and select a volunteer shift(s). 

*There is a $10 registration fee.  This fee will be waived if you volunteer 2 or more shifts or ½ off for 1 shift. If you refer a first time seller with us you will BOTH get FREE registrations!

*Sellers receive 70% of their sales.  

*Our minimum quantity of items in inventory are 15 items. The minimum price of an item is $2.  

*Maximum quantity is 1000 items - we are accepting all seasons of infant - teen sizes.
​We are also accepting maternity, home goods, educational items, toys, baby gear, etc…

*We are NOT accepting: items that are missing pieces and batteries.
No clothes which are torn, stained, or pilling. No stuffed animals, rated R movies, or undergarments.

*Enter your items as usual or take advantage of the new voice activated item entry
through your mobile device!

*Add a picture to each item.  Make sure your picture is NOT “live”. Only 1 picture per item, but you can use a collage app (ie. pic collage) to show many angles on a single picture. 

*Make sure you have great lighting, neutral backgrounds, show all angles, etc…
to have the best possibility of selling your items. NO filters.
Maybe put a puzzle together to show all pieces are included or open up a game to show the same. 
Do NOT enter anything with damage or missing pieces. 

*On your inventory list you will notice a column labeled Approved?
​If it has Rejected CS (Category, Size)
or Rejected Pic (Picture) then you will need to edit the item.

*ALL inventory and pictures MUST be entered by December 6th 
​to allow time for us to inspect items and allow for any changes. 

*Transfer your items from past MCM sales! Select and transfer the items.
Each item MUST have a picture with it in order to be sold online. The picture can NOT be “live”.
Click on the arrow to the right of the edit button in order to add a picture.

*Any items that are marked Discount YES will be made available during the
​Friday sale for 25% off (NEW!) and Saturday for 50% off.

*Print your tags AFTER the sale ends!  Once the sale is completely over, we will let you know when you can print the tags of your sold items. They will print in item order and you will attach them to your sold items. If you already have items with tags you will simply attach your new "sold" tag on top of the original. Alphabetize your items according to their tags. Sold items will be dropped off with clothing on hangers and in alphabetical order and grouped together per shopper. 

*Select a drop off time and expect to spend at least 15 minutes while we inspect your items.

*Any unsold items can be transferred to upcoming sales whether or not they are online or in-person.


You will be able to shop from the convenience of your home or WHEREVER and WHENEVER!
​Check out our Hours page for a daily schedule.

*Shop by easily filtering your selections! Clothing, Boutique, Toys, Home, Etc!! From there you can filter by gender, size, type, and more! No wasting time having to look through items that do not fit your needs!

*Purchases are first come/first serve.  An item is available for purchase to other shoppers even though it may be in your cart. You will want to make your purchases often to avoid an item disappearing from your check out. You will probably want to check out many times as you are shopping to ensure your purchases.

*Minimum purchases per check out are $10.

*You will receive confirmation of the order #  to the phone number or email you entered after you have finished the checkout process.

*We accept Paypal.

*Order pick up will be on Wednesday December 16th at 5540 Atlanta Hwy Flowery Branch, GA 

*We will have your order ready to go and will just need your name and order number(s).

*All sales are final once you leave our location.
​Make sure to take the time to inspect your items before you leave - no refunds will be issued after that.