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Volunteering is FUN! It’s a great time to shop, chat with other women and get away from reality for a couple of hours – come party with us! If you have consigned before, then you know what a great opportunity this can be! We love our volunteers and know what an important role they play to make our sale a success! volunteers get their own Pre-sale access before the sale goes open to the public. Of course, that means we need you to work and help us out. 
Think of it as give a little to get a lot! Ready to volunteer so that you can get these Savvy perks? Click hereTEAM MEMBER NEEDS
We need team members every day of the sale. Please consider your schedule and only commit to a volunteer schedule that you can handle. If you commit to it, we count on you being there for everyone’s benefit. If you are unable to make your shift or find someone to work it for you, we will deduct a $25.00 fee from your check at pick up.

​Earn Free Registration!Ourregistration fee for this sale is $10 which goes towards our space rental, marketing, computer tagging software, etc…

HOWEVER, you can get this fee reduced or waived completely by simply volunteering! You get $5 off your fee for 3 hours of work. You get your fee completely waived if you work 6 or more hours! This is in addition to the early shopping perk!

FREE ADVERTISING = VOLUNTEER PERKS We also need any free advertising available for the sale as this benefits everyone involved in the sale. The more advertising we get, the more successful our sellers are! If you have contacts in radio, TV, newspaper, etc. – please email Tiffani your contacts for this and you will receive credit for 3 volunteer hours for each media outlet that we get exposure with.

Tuesday September 27
​5PM - 6+ hr Volunteer Presale
6PM – 3 hr Volunteer Presale
Friday September 30
1PM - 1/2 Price Volunteer Presale